The Great British Teddy Bear Company Bears help orphans

The Great British Teddy Bear Company is donating a share of the proceeds from sales of its Florence Nightingale bears to an international nursing charity that helps protect and educate orphaned young girls of nursing parents in third-world nations. The family-run company is determined to help children across the world who desperately need assistance because no other support is available to them. They has made a public promise that it will donate £2.50 from the sale of every one of its Florence Teddies to help fund a special international nursing organisation in its mission to save the lives of orphaned girls.

The organisation supported by the teddy bear-making business is the nursing profession’s Florence Nightingale International Foundation. Its Girl Child Education Fund (GCEF) initiative helps support the primary and secondary schooling of girls under the age of 18 in developing countries whose nurse parent or parents have died.To ensure that the money raised through the sale of its Florence Teddies goes directly towards the girls’ education,  the Great British Teddy Bear Company works closely with National Nurse Associations. Every girl on the GCEF programme is paired with a nurse volunteer to monitor her progress at school and at home. And the programme is proving very successful: senior figures at the recent “Women Deliver” Global Conference in Malaysia offered high praise for the programme’s profound impact in reducing teenage pregnancy and helping girls into further education.

The Florence teddies involved in this initiative are named after Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing. Known as “The Lady of the Lamp” she was renowned  for her tender care of wounded soldiers in the Crimean War and for her healthcare improvements at home and abroad.Wearing a miniature of the traditional uniform dress once worn by ‘Nightingale nurses’, the Florence teddy carries a replica of her famous lamp.